Learning Pioneers

If you are interested in applying Learning Power ideas in schools, check out the Learning Pioneers community run by the wonderful Becky Carlzon. Becky was my co-author on Powering Up Children, and is the most imaginative and enthusiastic proponent of the LPA for primary on the planet. She is also an excellent coach and communicator of LPA classroom practice. Join Becky and her posse of pioneers and you will be inspired!



Learning Pioneers is reconceptualising the notion of how teachers learn. By providing a space where teachers have agency, direction and connection to drive their own professional learning journey. Their goal is to develop our practise purposefully and collaboratively within an international, diverse, safe learning environment.


Learning Pioneers is co-creative, emergent, organically growing and expansive. They take inspiration from the latest research into collective efficacy, learning dynamics, regenerative organisations and each other. As such, the Learning Pioneers community is owned and driven by all, has shared values and an ethos, that is ever-learning and growing.

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