Visible Learning World Conference

London, United Kingdom

23-24 November 2020

Speaking: Congreso Internacional de Educación (International Education Conference) - EducAcción

Malaga, Spain

18-19 March 2020


Speaking: ConnectEd Education Conference 2020

Kingston upon Thames, London

27 March 2020


Speaking: Power of Education - Fundación Trilema

Madrid, Spain

28 March 2020

Speaking: St Helen's College 

Hillingdon, United Kingdom

21 April 2020

Speaking: Learning Network NZ Webinar - The Learning Power Approach

7.30am - 8.15am (Auckland, New Zealand)

14 May 2020

Speaking: Learning Network NZ Workshop - Powering up your School

Auckland, New Zealand

3 September 2020

Speaking: Building Learning Character
Conference 2020 - St Luke's Grammar School

Sydney, Australia

October 2020

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