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Expanding human intelligence through research, writing and education.

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Cognitive scientist, education thought leader and prolific author.

I am a cognitive scientist interested in the malleability of human intelligence – the many ways in which our ability to live intelligently can be expanded or constricted by the experiences we accumulate in our families, our schools and colleges, our religious communities and our cultures. Our minds are much more malleable than we think and if we don’t realise this, we miss out!

This website offers you an opportunity to browse the numerous books I've authored, co-authored or edited, read some of my academic papers from over the years, watch me in action on the ‘media’ page, listen to a podcast, read my blog and find out about events I am taking part in.

To stay up-to-date with my ongoing work around learning, follow me on Twitter, LinkedIn and for enquiries, see my contact below.

The Future of Education with Guy Claxton
The Happy Pear Podcast
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Guy Claxton: How Can We Cultivate Independent Learners?

Guy Claxton: How Can We Cultivate Independent Learners?

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