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My Story

I am a cognitive scientist, education thought leader and prolific author interested in expanding human intelligence through research, writing and education.


I have spent most of my working life based in a variety of UK universities including Oxford, Bristol, King’s College London and Winchester. But increasingly my work has taken a more practical turn, and I have been involved with a wide range of organisations where a better understanding of human intelligence is needed. For example, I have been:


  • A consultant on education to the Royal Albert Hall

  • Workshop leader for Premier League Youth Football Coaches

  • Lecturer at the Siobhan Davies Dance School and the London College of Fashion

  • Inaugural lecturer at Her Majesty's Treasury Learning Centre

  • Meditation teacher at Atsitsa holiday centre on the Greek island of Skyros (where I met my wife Judith)

  • Consultant to the Centre for Contemplative Education research project on mindfulness in European schools (under the auspices of HH The Dalai Lama)

  • Guest lecturer at the Harvard Learning Innovations Laboratory (LILA)

  • On-going consultant to the South Australian Department of Education and Child Development

  • Regular keynote speaker since 2000 at the global International Conferences on Thinking

  • Consultant to the UK Ideas Foundation

  • Speaker at the Edinburgh International Summit on Culture (2022)

​For more about my work on learning to learn in schools, see the Books page.

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